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I am so glad you have found us. Just to give a little bit of personal info and background, I am Pamela Burt. I started staging almost 14 years ago while pregnant with my 2nd child. My husband, Bubba, was working for a local contractor. Staging grew into decorating, faux finishing walls, party planning, furniture painting and home remodels. We quickly realized we could work together and build our brand. That is the short and sweet version of our history to this point. There are lots of tales in between. Hopefully, I will get to tell you a few along the way. We opened a brick and mortar store in 2013 and started carrying a chalk type paint line. We are now stocking Fusion Mineral Paints line and love it. This is a great product and a great company to partner with on our journey. We have since partnered with another local boutique, Jeannie B’s. This has freed up some of our time to branch out. We are excited to launch this site and share our creations and stories with the world outside of our small town. It may feel like we are all over the map in the design world. It just kind of happened. We started with one thing and it kept growing trying to meet the needs of our clients. I love design in all aspects. I love seeing the change a home staging can make in selling a property. I love changing up a home that is outdated. I love remodeling a traditional home into a modern sparkly gem. I love taking old furniture that no one wants and making it beautiful again. And I love decorating up an event that will make a bride, new graduate or mommy-to-be smile on their special day. I don’t think about all the things I do I could only choose one. So here we are, 24 years into our marriage (story there too), 3 daughters, several businesses down the road on our latest adventure sharing all with you. We hope you enjoy and can grow and learn with us