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Home Staging Consultation

Home Staging Consultation


Trying to sell your home?

Getting ready to make a move?

Don’t miss this important step!!! Home Staging works!!!

Start with this personalized room by room written consultation, a checklist just for you!

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We all see home staging on TV shows and all over magazines and blog posts. These gorgeous ideal homes that are perfect for selling. We also see these families that won the lottery on the home staging shows. They get a full team of people working on their home getting it ready for the market. But in real life we all lead normal lives with normal homes full of children, pets, family photos and lots of memories. How do we take what we see on those shows and articles and make our family filled, “real life” or 20+ year old homes look great?

Let’s be clear. The staging term has been used to “stage a photo”, “stage your mantel” or even “stage furniture”. I hear it often in the furniture world. We stage furniture for posting pictures. That is not what we are talking about. This Home Staging Consultation is meant for those preparing homes for sale. This is not a decorating consultation. Staging and decorating have different applications. I don’t want you to be disappointed hoping for any decorating advice.

So, Are you trying to sell your home? For sale by owner, with a realtor, online listing? It doesn’t matter. However, you are listing your property the market research proves home staging works. Your home needs prep work and sprucing up before you list it.

There is no doubt you can find hundreds and hundreds of posts and ideas on home staging. There are lots of tips out there for free. I am not going to give you more tips and hints of how to prepare your home here. This is a personalized room by room written consultation, a checklist just for you! I will include paint colors, lighting suggestions, staging decoration ideas and much more.

BONUS – I will give you 2 opportunities to email me follow up and revisions as you work through your consultation. Sometimes as you start to work through your list you may questions. I want to make sure to be thorough and personal with each and everyone of you. This process works! I have done hundreds of consultations over 15 years. If you follow the list lined out for you your home will look great and ready to put on the market. So are you ready to get started? GREAT!!!! Just $249 will get you your personalized consultation.

After you received your email confirmation you will have 60 days to complete your part. Once I have received all of the information asked for in the instructions, I will return your written consultation within 10 days. Note – This is just a visual consultation on cosmetic items in your home. This is not a home inspection or involve any parts of the home that need serious repair. You will need to contact a contractor or home inspector to visit your home in person to complete a full inspection.