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Oooooh Baby!!!

Oooooh Baby!!!


One of my very dear friends recently had a gorgeous baby girl. This family is near and dear to my heart. After many years as close family friends and lots of memories babysitting them in my preteen and teenage years, this family of 3 kiddos is now having their own babies.



I had the pleasure of being a hostess for this sweet baby girl’s “Sip ‘N See” shower. I was just one of many wonderful ladies that pulled off a perfect evening. We had the most gracious host offer her gorgeous home for us to use. I am sure my few touches wouldn’t have looked nearly as good without her amazing home. She had sweet little mercury vases filled with fresh flowers scattered throughout. Her gorgeous decor of candle sticks and succulents was a great setting.



So my big contribution to this shower was the balloon runner. This was a first for me. I had never tried this before. I have seen them so many times online but never tried to tackle it. It didn’t turn out perfect and I learned a few lessons. Here are some tips if you are thinking of giving it a try –
1. Electric air pump works wonders. Worth every penny. $12 at Walmart
2. Order your balloons ahead of time instead of waiting for the last minute. Most local stores don’t carry the smaller sizes I needed which is why mine was huge.
3. I used the “string tied to the balloon and then tied to the center string” method. It took too long so I will try a different something different next time. I might try the “needle and thread through the tied end of the balloon” next.
4. We used flowers and mini balloons to fill in the holes and cover the string and it worked great. I am sure if I had pre-ordered the smaller 5 inch balloons I wouldn’t have had that many holes but that’s what happens when you wait ‘til the last minute.



The balloon runner was a bit large for the table but luckily it worked out and was a beautiful back drop for the food. The Silver Dollar eucalyptus and the mini pink roses softened up the look and I think the end result was precious.



The food was a great spread of little treats and snacks. All the ladies pitched in and brought something. We enjoyed pink macarons, scones, low carb mousse cups (that were so yummy), veggie tray with roasted red pepper dip, fruit tray and a meat and cheese board. I am not sure if the meat and cheese board would be considered a charcuterie board or not??? I am not sure what the criteria would include. Whatever you call it, it was beautiful and yummy. A cute tea bar and some fruit infused water topped off the event.



We oooooed and awwwwwed over sweet Thea all evening. The ladies were entertained by Thea’s 1 year old cousin, Nellie, who loved the attention. Two very precious babies are well loved. We couldn’t have had more fun; lots of fun conversations and sharing stories on motherhood and catching up with old friends made for the perfect shower.