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Marble Pumpkin Painting Tutorial

Marble Pumpkin Painting Tutorial

Marble Pumpkin Painting Tutorial

I got inspired to try paint pouring this fall. I really love watching the videos that come across my feed. So many great ideas and inspiration, I thought why not? On a whim I grabbed some inexpensive pumpkins at Wal-Mart and gave it a try. I will walk you through the steps. Make sure and check out my video on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/thedesignersgarage/videos/1680220995439381/

Here are the supplies you’ll need – Tin tray or something to catch the paint, plastic cups, paint, water, and nails and of course the pumpkins.

Then you will need to pick your color palette – I find it better to pick like colors and tones.

Step one – put nails in the bottom of your Styrofoam pumpkin to hold it off the tray. This is necessary for proper drying and getting the pumpkin off the tray. Leave them a couple inches out to hold it up. Make sure to place them far enough apart to be stable.


Step two – pour your paint into a cup. The order of the paint is more important than I originally thought. The first color that you pour in your cup will be the last color drizzled and should be the color you want to be most prominent. Second color poured should be your second most prominent. Then if you are adding a metallic color add it now in a swirl type pattern. Finally your last color should be the least amount.  DO NOT STIR, DO NOT MIX.

Step three – the scary part. Start pouring. Just do it. It will be OK. Pour on the side of the pumpkin not the top to start. You will need to fill that in but don’t start there. Keep spinning SLOWLY and pouring. The design just happens.

If you have some blank areas that don’t get paint, simply transfer your pumpkin to another tray and use your “leftover” paint from the first tray to fill in.

If you want extra of one color, you can always add a bit more to your cup and just keep pouring.

Now just let it sit and dry. You can top coat with a poly if you want it to shine!

Finish it off by brushing the stem with the bronze metallic.

Paint Colors Used

Gray- used Ash, Sterling, and Picket Fence White on this one. All the grey and white tones worked great.

Teal ones I used Azure, Laurentien and Bronze metallic. I have pictured Brook and Lamp White but didn’t end of using them.

Orange and brown one was my least favorite. I used Tuscan orange, Chocolate brown, Mustard Yellow and bronze metallic paint.

Fusion Mineral Paint is the paint that I used. You can find it here on my website. https://thedesignersgarage.com/shop/