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How to Create a Designer Worthy Christmas Tree

How to Create a Designer Worthy Christmas Tree

How to Create a Designer Worthy Christmas Tree

It feels like Halloween was just last week….oh wait, it was! Most years I feel like Thanksgiving is the ‘forgotten’ holiday but as boutique owners and retailers we have to jump in and embrace Christmas. So we will have to be content with Thanksmas. Some retailers even jump in earlier and do Hallothanksmas! Hahaha.

Christmas decorating is already in full swing. While setting up our 8 trees in the store and shopping at other retailers for my holiday clients I have been bombarded by Christmas decorations galore! It really makes my heart happy. But it got me thinking about Christmas trees and how we all strive for the PERFECT tree. Making sure we have just enough lights, and positioning the ornaments just so. And don’t forget to straighten that bow on top!

I thought I would share some tips with you on how to create a designer worthy Christmas tree.


The first step is picking the right tree. Whether you go for a real tree or artificial tree you want to find a tree with great branches and depth to the trunk. Look for pockets of space to add long ornaments and oversized items. Once the tree is up in the stand start fluffing those branches (if you use an artificial). 

So that leads me to lighting. Oh, lighting has my heart. I personally love the soft warm white lights on the tree. But, whatever your preference, The key is to start at the base of the tree in the center by the trunk. Run the strand out the branch to the tip on one side and back down the same branch on the other side. Work you way around the tree level by level til you reach the top. This will insure you light your tree from the inside making it shine and your cords will stay hidden. I love lights so much I feel like more is more, make it shine!


I always like to pick up about a dozen or so oversized items like extra large balls, lanterns, small wreaths, chalkboards, signs or pictures. While you probably won’t need all of them these ornaments will really help fill in those “blank” spaces. You can always use those extra oversized items on your mantle or dining table for a cohesive decorating look.


Next add in some ornaments. whether they are plain balls, fancy ornaments, or all those keepsakes and ornament collections. This is where I feel like each tree really shows your personality.

Then add in some florals and stems. These will really fill in all those smaller empty spaces and can be fluffed to fit. They also add that extra special touch. I really like berry stems and glittered leaf sprays. You can also add some extra fullness with pine needles and pinecones, magnolia leaves or eucalyptus foliage. You can add softness and color with poinsettias, amaryllis, or magnolia flowers. Or add whimsy with tinsel garland, lime green glitter twirls, etc. and florals can fill up all the empty spaces and add that extra touch and personality to your tree


Finally, add some ribbon and really pull the look together. One year, I used a giant bow as my tree topper with ribbon streamers flowing down. You can use just one color ribbon or a combo of several. It will finish off the tree perfectly!

I hope you found some really useful tips here. What other fun things have you done with your trees? I would love to see some photos!