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Find Your Style

Find Your Style

What is your decorating style?

This is a question I ask myself every time I start a new project in my house. I don’t think I have found a good answer yet. Anyone else? Do you feel overwhelmed with your ideas and possible outcome?

I had a client recently tell me she didn’t think that what was in her head could be translated well. I get it. Me too! And I am supposed to be the professional.  

I find myself lost in all the things I see. Joanna Gaines is everywhere. She has successfully and beautifully created a style that has swept the nation.  I love it! I love the rustic touches, light neutral tones, and the shiplap. I mean, really who can look at her stuff and not think it is great. Then there is the traditional. It is all over the stores, in most homes we see here in Texas and in the heart of most of the country. The warm, cozy feel, the great color and the comfort of home. Now on the other spectrum is the more modern, minimalist look. Clean, simple, stark that screams young, new, modern. I am drawn to the simplicity but can I do this and still have the fun of color or warmth of tradition. How do you make it work and still look modern? The questions still roll around in my head.



But now we come to the in-between styles. The list can go on and on. Bohemian, modern traditional, farmhouse chic, modern farmhouse, minimalist modern, eclectic…….. I may never stop. So I had to throw in the towel and decide just to be happy. So here is my formula for style.

  1. Find your inspiration – Find pictures of the things that you love. Pin them, screenshot them, clip them out of magazines, take pictures of those show homes. Keep them! 
  2. Find the common theme in your pictures. I love black accents. I don’t know why. I don’t have very many in my home. I don’t look to buy black. When I see it, my finger immediately hits Pin. I love the rich contrast of black. It makes me happy. 
  3. Figure out which wall colors you keep saving. Light walls, warm walls, dark walls, grey tones, and tan tones, whatever it may be. If you see a pattern in your pictures you will most likely love the outcome.
  4. What accents do you lean towards? Bright, patterns. Neutral woods. Simple metals. Florals. What do you love that will finish off your look.
  5. Then relax. The definition of your style doesn’t matter. Whether or not you love your home is what we should all be worried about.

After I did all these steps, I realized I am a neutral, non-committal, simple style. Is that one of those on the list, lol? Looking through my Pinterest boards and learned that I might just be a modern lover. OMG! Can you believe it? If someone asked me what was my style I would not have said modern. As much as I wanted to jump on the Joanna Gaines bandwagon. I mean really I love her and Chip. I just couldn’t love it in my home. I loved it on TV and in other people’s homes. I just didn’t want it in mine.  I started to realize this on the last season of Fixer Upper. That was my absolute favorite season. No shiplap in sight, well probably a little. I wanted to scream YES! Joanna YES! Finally, a look I wanted in my house. Maybe just a tad less farmhouse but still a look that made my heart sing.

I hope you will all find your happy place in your homes!


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  1. Avatar

    Great article! I struggle with decorating my own house. I have instant inspiration when helping my friends with their houses but can’t seam to get excited about mine. Love the 5 steps!

    Jul 20, 2018 Reply
  2. Avatar

    We all love Joanna and her style. But looking around I know I love love deep rich colors. I like country but love an elegance as well. I love a Tuscany look. I love big furniture but my house is too small. Light color walls or could go 1 wall in a deep color or floral wallpaper. I think it’s hard because you have to use things you have and not just go for what you really like. So combining is the hardest to deal with.

    Carol Cauthen
    Jul 23, 2018 Reply
  3. Avatar

    I call my style “collected”! After almost 40 years of decorating homes, you find that many of those special pieces of art and furniture do not fit into what ever style is the current rage, but I’ve learned to just add what needs to be added to keep it fresh and current, and keep the cherished old treasures for personality!

    Jul 27, 2018 Reply

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